May 16, 2024


Transforming a cherished chain bracelet into a stunning bangle while preserving its intricate swirl design was a labour of love at our workshop. Our skilled goldsmith meticulously handcrafted every element from the hinge to the delicate clasp, ensuring seamless Integration. A custom space was designed perfectly to accommodate the original swirl pattern. The exquisite gold and diamond elements were then expertly attached. Finally the piece was meticulously cleaned and polished, breathing new life into a treasured possession.

The original bracelet with a beautiful diamond and swirl design with two pieces of gold, ready to be transformed into a bangle.

The handcrafted hinge with a gold post to keep them together making sure the hinge is perfectly engineered.

The clasp under construction.

The custom space is now ready for the original piece to be fitted.

The diamond and gold piece has now been delicately fitted into the custom curve of the bangle.

Finally the piece was meticulously cleaned and polished to a brilliant shine.





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