Book a Clean, Polish and Rhodium

June 23, 2020

Book a Clean, Polish and Rhodium

Has your Jewellery lost its sparkle during lockdown?

We can help, our specialist team of in house goldsmiths and our jewellery workshop is ready and re-open (Chester store will reopen on 1st July).  Book an appointment here  or stop by one of our stores.

Our team of goldsmiths have years of experience, and understand the sentimental importance of jewellery.

We work to give your jewellery a full inspection from claws to stones.

After inspection, your jewellery will be put in the "Ultra-Sonic." The Ultra-Sonic is a cleaning mechanism that sonically vibrates dirt out of hard to reach areas of your jewellery, with the help of our cleaning solution, this enables your jewellery to become sterile and hygienic to work on.  This is one of the COVID security measures we have put in place, to ensure all of our in store jewellery is hygienically clean, to protect you whilst in store.  

Polishing can help to give all precious metals a renewed shine and Rhodium plating can help to give white gold jewellery added sparkle.

Rhodium is a rare, highly reflective, silver-white hard metal in the platinum family on the periodic table. 

The Rhodium Solution is applied by a "micro-plater." This uses a positive and negative feed, which puts a current through your jewellery, this acts as a magnet to the rhodium.  The rhodium attaches to your jewellery forming a very thin layer of rhodium, which gives it its crystal white finish.

Each item of jewellery is finished with a steam clean and a gentle hand polish.

Book an appointment here  or stop by one of our stores.

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